We are here to ignite the light of Christ! We exist to be and make disciples so that we will transform our community and world for Christ.

Bethlehem Methodist is excited and joyful about being alive in Christ!

Share the Love of Christ
Live and Relate with Integrity
Strive to Glorify God
Act in Faith and Love
Encourage Spiritual Growth

A Rich Heritage

By celebrating a rich history in the father of Methodism, John Wesley, Bethlehem Methodist Church continues to strive to be the voice of God in the world today.  Through faith in the Prevenient, Justifying, and Sanctifying Grace of God, we spread hope to our community as well as those within our walls.  Bethlehem has been established since the 1700's and has had many expansions in the years that followed.  Our most recent additions include the construction of a Family Life Center and Christian Activity Center.

These additions have allowed for the continuous growth of our Children and Youth Ministry as well as our abilities to continue expanding our Bethlehem Angels Preschool.  Our congregation has been truly blessed by God.

Bethlehem Methodist Church has a rich history and bright future as we continue to serve Christ and his church.

Who We Are